The Strength Test

In the aluminium toolbox market a lot of companies sell toolboxes of varying thickness, this creates a lot of confusion for customers – we set out to demonstrate with practical testing just what thicknesses are available and what it means in real life situations.

For this demonstration we produced our SCT23 chest style toolbox in three different thicknesses:1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm (the thickness we use for this box). Whilst these numbers sound very close our demonstration showed just how big the difference is.

We conducted two separate tests a ‘flexibility’ test and an ‘impact test’. Below you can see the results for each.

It is to be noted that each box was built identical to our standard SCT23 toolbox including bracing underneath the lid. The only difference between the boxes was the thickness of aluminium they were made with. We don’t always use 2.5mm for our toolboxes, we use the appropriate thickness for the strength required in the particular box to make it heavy duty.