Box Trailer Warranty

The manufacturer offer a 12 Month Limited Warranty on all products sold. Warranty period is valid from the date of original purchase and is subject to the manufacturers terms and conditions.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

The manufacturers Limited Warranty covers all products sold against defective workmanship or materials used under normal use for the period specified (12 months). If a fault or defect arises in the product within the warranty period the product is to be returned to the manufacturers. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for expenses to or from their premises. If the products are deemed to be faulty or defective due to defective workmanship or materials the manufacturer at their discretion will either:

1. Repair the product using new or re-furbished parts of an equivalent standard,

2. Exchange the product with a product of similar condition, performance and reliability of the original or

3. Refund the purchase price of the product. Where the product was sold as a package or as part of a kit – the manufacturer will only fulfill its warranty obligation on the defective product only.

The Warranty will not cover products where:

  • Damage has been caused due to misuse or abuse of the product, accident, external influences such as water and fire.
  • Improper Maintenance.
  • Repairs required due to normal wear and tear.
  • The person or persons submitting the warranty claim are not the original purchaser.
  • Repairs or alterations have been made or attempted by others.

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