Camping at Christmas

Some top tips to make your camping experience way more fun for the whole family!

We all know that camping at Christmas can be either great or terrible so here are some tips to make your experience one of the good ones.


So it’s Easter and you’ve just had a fantastic couple of days at your favourite camping spot. ‘We have to come back at Christmas!’ you announce on the journey home. Do it, but book now! If a campsite requires you to book, book as far in advance as possible.

2. Plan your trip at least a month ago!

As far as carrying out a successful camping trip is concerned, it requires a lot of planning. If you think that you can plan the entire trip only within a few days, I must say that you are absolutely wrong. You must give a few weeks for planning, otherwise, it won’t work the way you want it to. You must try to include all those things in your trip which can remind you of Christmas, for example, you can pack stockings, and holiday candles to light up your space in the campsite


3. Make Friends

Camping over Christmas usually means sharing a camping spot with lots of other people. Don’t let this be negative, see it as an opportunity to meet new friends. After all, you all have a common interest – you like camping! Shouldn’t be too hard to strike up a conversation

4. Get Wet

Holidaying near the water is such an Aussie thing to do over summer. It’s likely to be hot if you’re out over Christmas, so add some water to the experience.

Australia is a big place with heaps of great camping spots close to beautiful beaches, rivers, streams, and lakes. There’s nothing quite like making a morning cuppa while staring out over a beautiful stretch of water, then ten minutes later take a dip. What a start to the day! 

Camping near the water also allows you to take some water toys with you. Snorkels, body boards, surfboards, jet skis, boats, fishing rods. Your togs. Yep, you can see why Aussies like camping near the water over summer.

5. Buy gifts that can be enjoyed on the trip

As the kids get older they’re probably less interested in heading bush with their crusty old folks (if not, you have top kids!), only to be away from the new PS4 they got for Christmas, or not have any mobile reception for their new iGadget. Consider gifting them something that they can use while camping. It might be a snorkel or a small kayak or a camera or colouring in books or the must-read fantasy novel.

Buy them something that will keep them entertained while you’re laying back with a cold one. The best camping trips are the ones where everyone is happy and gets something out of it.