So We Went On A Holiday!

Cairns to Victoria with 2 kids under 4



Day 6 – 18 – 7th Nov – 19th Nov – Time spent with Family and Friends in vic

I wont bore you with all the details of our time spent with the fam bam in Victoria but some of the highlights were visiting the gold dredge at ElDorado, recreating family pictures in Rutherglen, Uncle Owen and Auntie Kimbo getting married (T & H were flower girls) and having sleepovers with our cousins in the camper trailer!

Day 18 – 20th Nov – Seymour – Junee 382km

Junee Caravan Park $35

So the girls weren’t exactly the happiest this morning they knew that we were leaving Nana Pens and Pop Pops house and were in Teagans words a bit sad.. We left a bit late and made it to Junee the home of the Junee Chocolate and Licorice Factory and the Junee Railway Museum, we stayed in the Junee Caravan Park, survived our first storm (which had mum and dad chasing things that were blowing away) and got the camper rained on for the first time.  We are happy to say that the camper survived really well and we didn’t get any rain on the inside.

Day 19 – 21st Nov – Junee – Dubbo 383km

                Discovery Parks Dubbo $116.58 (ensuite site)

We spent the morning today touring the Roundhouse Museum and visited the Junee Chocolate and Licorice factory.  Then set off to Dubbo, we took the road less travelled to Dubbo via Cowra and Molong, it took us a little longer to get there than going via the main hwy but it was certainly a nicer drive without all the trucks you would find on the hwy.  Tonight was the first of a 2 night stay at Discovery Parks Dubbo.  This is a really nice park it has great facilities the camp kitchen even has an oven for those that would like to get a bit creative with their cooking.  Or if you don’t want to cook at all they do home cooked meals you can order and pick up from reception!

Day 20 – 22nd Nov – Dubbo

DUBBO ZOO!!! Day 1 – Today we toured Dubbo Zoo, we took our own car and toured around, animal of choice today was definitely the Hippos!  Touring in the car is a great option if you have small kids it gives them all the comforts of their own car seats and the ability to take all the kid paraphernalia that you might need without having to lug 20 backpacks around with you..

Day 21 – 23rd Nov – Dubbo – Tamworth 308km

Austin Tourist Park $57.60


So today we have the camper attached and you aren’t a;;owed to tow anything in the park, so we opted to get the bikes off the camper and go for a spin through the zoo. The girls both ride on the back of mum and dad’s bikes and they love it. We didn’t take a whole lot of stuff with us and it was s super fun way yto have a look at the animals, if there aren’t too many people at the zoo there is no need to get off the bikes at most of the exhibits which means you can see more animals in a shorter time.  Once we had finished at the Zoo we popped everything away and got in the car.  The plan was to head to Nelson Bay on the coast however there was a bushfire in the area and after conversations with our friends who loved there we decided that we would hold our visit to another time and skip bushfire territory.  We ended up in Tamworth at Austin Caravan Park, we got a drive through site right near the playground and BBQ’s. We had dinner, popped the kids through the bath and headed off to bed.  We used the Camper Trailer’s heater and everyone slept soundly in the toasty warmth.

Day 22 – 24th Nov – Tamworth – Coffs Harbour 298km

Park Beach Holiday Park $45.00

We were in for a very long drive today because we wanted to make it to the Gold Coast, unfortunately those plans were diverted when about 15km out of town Teagan started vomiting, yuck! The poor little darling didn’t perk up until we arrived in Coffs Harbour.  Thankfully she slept for most of the day but when she was awake she was miserable… We stopped for lunch at Ebor Falls, and then headed down the range for Coffs Harbour.  If you are passing through the neighbourhood there is always the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum, this is not yet open to the public but you can see some of their Steam trains from the public road.  We stayed at the Park Beach Holiday Park in Coffs Harbour, they have great facilities there and a really lovely park.  Camping and travelling with kids presents its own challenges, especially when one is sick in the car. So we spent most of tonight washing clothes and car seats.  Unfortunately once we had pulled Teagans carseat out the car we found a nice little surprise underneath…. Which as you can imagine had to be cleaned up too…..

Day 23 – 25th Nov – Coffs Harbour – Gold Coast 318km

                Gold Coast Holiday Park $66.00

We were up bright and early today, Teagan was feeling much better and ate all her breakfast without any repercussions.  So we took off for the Gold Coast! This part of our trip saw the most road works of the whole trip, they are putting in some serious infrastructure on the Pacific Hwy all the way through to the Gold Coast and I can imagine that it will be a very easy drive in the coming years once it is all finished.  We made it to the Gold Coast at about 11am QLD time, and took the girls straight to Sea World! We had lunch to begin with, which you basically have to sell your first born for…… and the took ourselves to the Paw Patrol show! Teagan loved it!!! We spent the afternoon going on rides and learning about all the animals. We stayed at the Gold Coast Holiday Park where we had dinner at their cafe because no one felt like cooking and then sent the girls off to bed.

Day 24 – 26th Nov – Gold Coast – Noosa 229km

                Noosa Caravan Park $34.20

We are now on the homeward stretch, with a stop in to see one of our suppliers on the Gold Coast to touch base and see some of their new products coming out next year we were on our way!  Noosa was the best we could do today after we got our groceries for the trip home and took Hailey to the Drs as she had picked up conjunctivitis… It was a nice drive and the girls slept for most of it today.  For those of you that Doug has told you can have the camper up and be partaking in your favourite beverage in under 5 mins, Doug doesn’t wait…. He figures the camper is so easy to set up you don’t really need 2 hands…..

2018-11-26 18.38.48

Day 25 – 27th Nov – Noosa – Carmila 747km

                Carmila Caravan Park $30

Noosa to Carmilla is a VERY long day…. But we are really on the home stretch now….. with just a top for lunch in Miriam Vale and a play on the playground we were off again.  If you are driving through Miriam Vale and have time to let the kids stretch their legs, I can’t recommend their playground enough. There is something there for all ages.  Carmilla has a caravan park beside the truck stop. It has clean facilities and the staff are very friendly.  The truck stop runs all night so we got a site right down the back as far away from the noise as possible, but I don’t think it would have mattered once our head hit the pillow we were all dead to the world anyway!

Day 26 – 28th Nov – Carmilla – Home 838km


We left Carmilla fairly early…. Well you know what its like trying to pack up with 2 kids who are eager to see their puppy…. And we were on the road all day again!  Hailey was being a very cute little grump today and didn’t want to have a sleep in the car… so we were taking bets on when she would fall asleep the smart money was on about 30 mins from home…