How do you use your camper?

How do you set up your Camper? Find out how we set our camper up right here.  Camping can be some of the most rewarding leisure time a family gets and many of us have grown up going on the family camping trip and cherish these memories fondly. Camping with a Camper Trailer is no […]

Camping at Christmas!

Camping at Christmas Some top tips to make your camping experience way more fun for the whole family! We all know that camping at Christmas can be either great or terrible so here are some tips to make your experience one of the good ones. 1. BOOK EARLY So it’s Easter and you’ve just had a […]

Cobbold Gorge – New Skywalk!

Cobbold Gorge Introducing the new Skywalk! Have you seen it yet?  I know that on my facebook account all I keep seeing is the new skywalk from Cobbold Gorge.  It is an amazing new addition to all the things you can do out at Cobbold Gorge.  We have been meaning to pop back out to […]

Discovering Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs What do you call a sleeping Dinosaur?? A Snoreasaurus! So you want to get out more in your camper trailer.  Have you thought about going to see some dinosaurs?  Outback Queensland is a great place to see some of our Australian Dinosaurs and learn about who they were and where they were found. […]

What to look for when buying a Camper Trailer

What to look for when buying a Camper Trailer! You would like to think your new camper has the best possible workmanship for your dollar, but check to make sure. If you aren’t knowledgeable in any of the following areas ask a friend or employ an expert to cast a critical eye over the rig. […]

Pro Packing Tips for Camping

Have you heard the saying, ‘all the gear, no idea’? It really rings true when you have all the camping gear, but no idea where to put it all in your Vehicle & Camper Trailer. Here are ten points that’ll help you pack your vehicle like a pro.

So we went on a Holiday Part 2

So We Went On A Holiday! Cairns to Victoria with 2 kids under 4 PART 2 By LYNN WITTEVEEN Day 6 – 18 – 7th Nov – 19th Nov – Time spent with Family and Friends in vic I wont bore you with all the details of our time spent with the fam bam in […]

So we went on a holiday!

So We Went On A Holiday! Cairns to Victoria with 2 kids under 4 PART 1 By LYNN WITTEVEEN So, by now some of you would have figured out that we have been on a holiday.  Yep we packed up the kids (1yrs & 3Yrs) and spent just over 3 ½ weeks on the road.  […]