Discovering Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs What do you call a sleeping Dinosaur?? A Snoreasaurus! So you want to get out more in your camper trailer.  Have you thought about going to see some dinosaurs?  Outback Queensland is a great place to see some of our Australian Dinosaurs and learn about who they were and where they were found. […]

Why Does My Trailer SWAY?

Why Does my Trailer SWAY?? WHY DOES MY TRAILER SWAY BACK AND FORTH? At Savannah Campers & Trailers we want you to have the safest possible time while towing. One of the worst things that can happen when you’re towing is the potential for your trailer to sway precariously back and forth. If left untreated […]

Secure Your Box Trailer Load

Secure Your Box Trailer Load Tips for strapping down your box trailer load At Savannah Campers & Trailers we think it’s vital keep safety in mind when using your trailer. Whether you are running a load out to the dump or heading off to a job, you must make sure your load is secured properly. […]

What Is Hot Dip Galvanising?

WHAT IS HOT DIP GALVANISING & WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? At Savannah Campers & Trailers we build high quality hot dip galvanised trailers. We have exclusively used hot dip galvanised steel for our entire range of single axle and double axle trailers. Why do we do this? We thought it might be worth putting together […]

What to look for when buying a Camper Trailer

What to look for when buying a Camper Trailer! You would like to think your new camper has the best possible workmanship for your dollar, but check to make sure. If you aren’t knowledgeable in any of the following areas ask a friend or employ an expert to cast a critical eye over the rig. […]

Finance What Do I Need To Know?

By Luke Libke I’m your local finance specialist, Luke Libke. I have been a finance broker in Far North Queensland for two decades. I started helping people & businesses with their finance young, and I’ve always been a broker. That means my focus has always been on my client, and finding and fighting for you […]