Where campers turn roughing it into luxury

Savannah Camper Trailers proudly introduce the SUV Camper range. Designed in Australia from listening to what Australians want in a camper; sourcing quality materials and products direct from manufacturers worldwide; manufactured using best practice technology, we believe these campers set the benchmark in value for real off-road camper trailers. Don’t forget that we also supply Air-conditioned Campers. Why sweat it out in FNQ when you don’t have to!

Making camping more enjoyable

Over 30 years of combined engineering experience and innovative practices have overseen the development and assembly of these campers. We hope this site clearly demonstrates the result of the commitment we started with, making camping in Australia a more enjoyable and accessible experience by producing quality campers that are easy and quick to set up at real value prices. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the great Aussie outdoors