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The Wedge Cookware Support Bars


100 in stock

Here are the new and improved Cookware Support Bars (6 pieces). They now come laser cut made from 4mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate Steel just like The Wedge Fire Pit & Camp Cooker. They have a unique notch on one edge which securely locates them in position when in use. The notch is faced down and when slid into position will lock and secure each bar. The cross sectional bars (4 pieces) have a notch at 45 degrees and the longitudinal bars (2 pieces) have a notch at 90 degrees. Now the “ORIGINAL” “FLAT PACK” fire pit & camp cooker THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER just got even better. They also very importantly retro fit all existing fire pits sold. The come as standard in all Ultimate Combo Kits.