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THE SUV Grand Mega, The “Original” Forward Fold camper, is one of the most advanced campers in innovation, it is a superior camper when compared to most competitors.

Make Sure your new Forward Fold camper has these features –

    • New Patent Pending, Ball Weight adjuster device that enables you to adjust your ball weight on your camper and doubles up as a secondary usable water supply of 100ltrs.
    • Reverse Cycle air conditioning mounts in all campers so you order fitted or fit later. This adds great resale value to your camper.
    • Flush mounted doors with double locks for advanced sealing, minimal dust and water has access to the main seal the rest just falls to the ground.
    • Bolt on 3 ton wheel stubs with 12″ brakes and fully galvanised suspension arms. Designed for full OFF ROAD, you can carry a spare stub with you.
    • ZIP on Ensuite with pitch roof, water slides right off, room to lift your arms in the shower.
    • One of the biggest and main features is the camper opens and closes with ease, correctly with one person operating (ask for a demo).
    • Camper can sleep up to 5 people. Seats fold down to make a double bed and an extra bunk can be added.

The all NEW – SUV Forward Fold camper, one of the fastest and easiest to open campers on the market today, setting it apart from its competitors. It’s the dual gas struts and hinge system on each side of the camper that automatically assist the roof in opening correctly once the latches are undone, enabling one person to open and close the camper with ease. Almost any member of the family can open the Forward Fold; just engage the ratchet and wind the winch at the front of the trailer as fast as you want the roof to open. As the camper opens the tropical roof which is already attached sets up by itself. One of the biggest features of the SUV forward fold camper is that by the time the roof touches the front of the camper it only needs the back bow pushed to click into position and it is fully erected, ready to be slept in. No internal poles to adjust, no climbing on top to attach the tropical roof. Just push till it clicks.

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  • Heavy duty 6mm cross beam holding suspension.
  • Hot dipped super gal (inside and outside) frame and chassis. Under Carriage sprayed with black tar protection material.
  • 2 x safety chains with rated D Shackles
  • Double “underdog” 4×4 shockies on each suspension arm
  • 16″ Wheels and tyres
  • 12″ Electric Brakes
  • Off road independant suspension with adjustable wheel alignment
  • Bolt on 3 ton wheel stubs for off road
  • 6mm Heavy duty galvanised suspension arms
  • Heavy duty stainless steel water tank 100ltr with stone guard cover.
  • 4 x fold down stabiliser legs
  • SKF Wheel Bearings
  • 2 x Jerry Can Holders
  • 2 x 4kg Gas Bottle Holders
  • Adjustable winch post for tail gates and swing doors
  • Nylon block rollover hitch (off road)
  • Anderson Plug for solar and from car charging
  • Stone guard with galvanised frame
  • 2 x large mud flaps full width on stone guard
  • Front Storage box 3mm aluminium with weld on hinges and grease nipples
  • Pole and tent carrier inside fridge box
  • LED internal light in fridge box
  • Slide out fridge and pantry tray
  • Generator storage area in front fridge box
  • Fold down step and swing open entry door
  • Flush mount doors on battery, kitchen and storage doors with double locks for advanced sealing
  • Battery box capable of holding 2 x 100 amp deep cycle batteries
  • Galvanised spare wheel carrier capable of holding 2 spare tyres
  • Mud Flaps and rear tyres
  • Dual gas struts on main roof for opening
  • 3mm Aluminium roof
  • Hi gloss 2 pack toyota silver paint
  • 2 x Internal lockable storage drawers on roller slides
  • 2 x large seat cushions with 12 mm backing boards for self support that can be converted into a second bed
  • 2 x internal LED lights with dimmers in bed area
  • Queen inner spring mattress
  • External and Internal window covers
  • Both sides of camper main tent can be rolled up to create an open area
  • Divider wall for seperating main bed and lounge area
  • PU Coated canvas
  • Tropical roof
  • Stainless steel sink and kitchen tap with pressure pump water supply, fold out bench and 2 x storage drawers, tea towel rack, and storgae compartment on top for cooking utensils
  • LED light over kitchen
  • 15oz canvas main tent with full side annex including 3 side walls, side skirts and floor


Valued at $500

New Superior Series 3 Suspension

Valued at $1,000

2 x Spare 6" Tyres & Alloy Wheels

Valued at $500

Quality Ensuite - Zips onto Back

Valued at $250

Dimmer Switch on Internal Lights

Valued at $750

Fold Down Table

Valued at $2,000

Extra Water Tank & Galvanised Carrier + Bike Receiver

Valued at $650

Galvanised Suspension Arms

Valued at $800

Aluminium Poles with Camlocks - Do Not Rust!

Valued at $400

Touring Awning

Valued at $425

25AMP Smart Charger

Valued at $400

Extra Battery Included (2 In Total)

Valued at $300

Innerspring Mattress

Valued at $500

CD Player

Valued at $750

Three Drawers

Valued at $1000

3 Tonne Bolt On Stubs & 12 Inch Electric Brakes


There are many extras available to purchase with your Camper Trailer.  Below we have just a few options for you to choose from!