By Luke Libke

I’m your local finance specialist, Luke Libke. I have been a finance broker in Far North Queensland for two decades. I started helping people & businesses with their finance young, and I’ve always been a broker. That means my focus has always been on my client, and finding and fighting for you to get the best deal with the largest scope of banks & lenders possible. Using which ever financier is best for you in an ever changing finance market!

With 5 minutes of your time. The best way is to call me to talk over the phone, or in person, to complete our application. During this time I can ask all the questions required. And with my experience as a finance broker, I can identify which financier will fit your needs and individual situation. This can vastly reduce the application to approval time. Anything that needs further clarification can be identified up-front. Saving your time and limiting having to come back and provide more documents. The idea is to get you rolling as quickly as possible, I am here to make that happen.

With all the information at hand, within hours. I can often do application to settlement in the same day when all requirements are satisfied up-front.

Generally, 5 minutes of your time and your latest two payslips. For self-employed applicants low-doc finance is available. I am here to simplify the process and most importantly, save your time & your money.

Yes, finance is still an option. As a finance broker for many years I have access to a wide variety of lenders including those that assist with impaired credit. But more than that, I can fight on your behalf to get the best rate and even discuss with main-stream lenders the merits of your application. I have a very high success rate with getting people even better results than expected.

Not at all! You certainly can contribute a deposit if that suits your purposes. However, if you want to use that deposit for extras and additions to your camper, or even available for supplies on your trip, the full amount can be funded to free that cash up for you.

All terms are available up to 7 years! Most customers finance between 36 and 60mths, but stretching the repayments over a longer term is absolutely possible. This can mean a very comfortable lower repayment amount whilst still having flexibility of extra repayments to reduce the term.

100% of the purchase price. As much as you need within your affordability. Affordability is based on criteria which is different for each finance company; it can be a headache to navigate! This is where I am able to use my experience and expertise to get things done fast and efficiently. It is important these days as applying for finance everywhere may have negative impact on your credit score. With me it’s a policy of best fit for customer & best fit for financier.


Generally we use driver’s licence for identification purposes, but no, it is not a requirement.


Absolutely, often we are able to have the finance approval in place whilst you work out the finer details of options and accessories to include, and can certainly add these to the finance amount for nominal change to your repayments.


It is a requirement with all financiers to have your goods comprehensively insured during the finance term. And really, it’s not worth the risk for the very small cost. I have had customers that failed to renew insurance and then had a loss. It really sucks to be paying for a camper that you no longer have! But you certainly have your choice of insurer to use. It is recommended that you review and quote your insurance yearly when it is due, as this can create a significant saving!


Absolutely, just be aware there is an early termination cost with each finance company that varies for consumer loans. This cost usually reduces each month the loan has been running. What that means in real terms is even with the small fee, you should save a significant amount by not paying interest on the remaining term.


I hope I have been able to answer some of the more frequently asked questions however if you have any others please don’t hesitate to either drop me an email or give me a call.  If you would like me to give you a call regarding financing a Camper Trailer or one of the other products at Savannah Camper Trailers please complete the below form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!